The future of stealth helicopters will the comanche be a success or failure

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Boeing–Sikorsky RAH-66 Comanche

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Bush eventually decided to seek UN authorization, while still reserving the option of invading without it. However, due to continuing questions about the feasibility of its planned composite hull, the Coast Guard has delayed a decision about its development or acquisition until it receives results from two studies.May 24,  · Boeing Company, American aerospace company—the world’s largest—that is the foremost manufacturer of commercial jet is also a leading producer of military aircraft, helicopters, space vehicles, and missiles, a standing significantly enhanced with the company’s acquisition of the aerospace and defense units of Rockwell International Corporation in and its.

Will the Comanche be a success or will it go down in history as a failure? A healthy $ billion dollars went into the production of the helicopter. Is this money a smart investment for the future of the country, or is it another example of wasteful spending.

The USCG wants to buy 58 Fast Response Cutters (FRC), and these Sentinel Class boats are sorely needed by an overstretched US Coast Guard. An attempt to extend the lives of their aged Island Class cutters ended as an expensive failure inand string of blunders has delayed replacements.

May 25,  · But if this helo did indeed use Comanche components, clearly Comanche was not a complete, abject, total, % failure. The Army got something useful out of it, even if they didn’t get an actual helicopter. May 25,  · The Army’s RAH Comanche helicopter was going to be totally awesome, dude.

This super-stealthy light attack helicopter, bristling with advanced sensors and communication gear, was going to perform loads of armed reconnaissance and surveillance missions.

Lockheed AH "Cheyenne"Attack helicopter, Development: AH was designed to fit the requirements of the U.S. Army's Advanced Aerial Fire Support System (AAFSS) program.

The future of stealth helicopters will the comanche be a success or failure
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