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For a couple of weeks straight, the daily highs struggled to make it into the teens, and overnight lows were well below zero. But I no longer get giddy about my birthday, looking forward to celebrating and opening presents.

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My most memorable 41st birthday

My birthday is on December 24, so having a pool party in the middle of summer was a big deal. I debated whether I should go the faster route to the mechanic — the highway — or take the local roads. Without wasting any time, I went upstairs and turn my legs toward my room.

Click on the images below to read articles! Whenever I see my scar on my left hand, it reminds me of the mistake I did on my eighteenth birthday. Every girl should have a cake with a barbie doll inside… This is the last cake of my youth on the countdown and it gets credited with a great barbie themed party that my mom made extra special with a barbie wedding and runway for a doll fashion show.

As we reached home we sat down to work. All my favorite childhood icons are here- care bears, rainbow brite, strawberry shortcake! My mom worked hard to make sure I had what I needed while I was in college. So my husband and I stopped at a hardware store and bought a kerosene heater and a can to fill with kerosene.

It was a mess back then, but that never kept us from enjoying a good party with friends and family.

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Maybe the answer could be a combination of many factors. The Meringue Mushroom Cake! Those students were smart, intelligent and dedicated.

Let me share with you some of my most memorable trips through the years… Dakak, That was in when we first visited Dakak. The cake arrived in the evening and soon my friends started pouring in. This was my wedding day…the day that most little girls dream about. All of them did full justice to it.

Even my favorite rabbit doll i missed him so much but i never even cared anyways. There were too many of them. My mom made sure I was ready. The time of the function was six in the evening.

I had to fast for the blood work, so I just had a cup of black tea for breakfast that morning.What is your most memorable birthday gift? Reward $2.

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Created by July, days ago, views My most memorable birthday is when I was 4 years. I got a golden ring with saffron stone crown in the center, as present from my parent. That is my first gift. But sadly I swallowed the ring and put parent under tension for 2 days.

Most families celebrate a baptism or christening with a party, while this can be as fun as another celebration. The truth is that needs great care and attention put into details to create the most memorable party. My Most Memorable Birthday (The title of this post is a bit of a misnomer, since my husband and I got engaged on my birthday a number of years ago) Earlier this month, I.

Jan 11,  · Most Memorable Birthdays. OK people.I'm hooking up with two blog carnivals. That's right ya'll I'm double dipping.

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It's hard to choose my MOST memorable birthday. I've had several good ones in my life complete with the naked barbie in the middle of Princess of Sarcasm.

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