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The help was later politely rejected by Government of India. The application process should not ask for unnecessary information but instead focus on information that is relevant to determine eligibility as well as to determine the value of the individual through education and qualifications acquired that is of use to Sri Lanka.

At the end of it the dirty brown paper of the certificate was a disgrace. A reasonable fee should be charged.

Kedarnath: Floods & Landslides

A tracing request from Tamil Nadu was received regarding a group of pilgrims, their location was found out and medical assistance was organised for them. We had our Passports stamped employment authorized.

More than hotels, resorts and thousands of houses are destroyed in the state. This trend is likely to increase in future as the activities like pilgrimage, tourism, etc.

In Hinduism, there is no Judgment Day. Therefore, the idea that our gods act out of anger or displeasure and precipitate catastrophes is erroneous. The heavy rainfall together with melting of snow in the surrounding Chorabari Lake washed off both the banks of the Mandakini River causing massive devastation to the Kedarnath town.

If they want to return, it is a sign of being patriotic. A former cricketer who played for India's national team Harbhajan Singh was travelling in the area for a pilgrimage to Hemkunt Shrine had the following to say: Daily review meetings are being held by the Secretary General in the control room set up at National Headquarters.

We must need to also consider about the status of non-affected or impacted houses, and they are over 60 percent of total numbers.

Twenty-four out of the 35 States and Union Territories are vulnerable to disasters and over 5 percent of our landmass is vulnerable to floods. The rock that fell from the mountain and saved the temple from being washed away is strongly believed by millions of people as an act of god.

With such weaknesses he cannot ensure the order and regularity of the world. We wish health amp; peace to nbsp; uttarakhand disaster uttarakhand disaster — NIDM — Uttarakhand Disaster — Engaging in sinful behavior is natural in the mortal world.

Unless we completely surrender to God and offer our lives and actions to him as a sacrifice, he remains indifferent to our actions and our lives. Uttarakhand flash floods — A report Report Published on 27 Jun — View Original New Delhi, India The flash floods triggered by very heavy rainfall and cloudburst in Uttarakhand on Juneaffected 12 out of the 13 districts in Uttarakhand.

How the almighty god apparently saved his temple and thus re-established the faith of his followers through this act!

2013 North India floods

The waters gushed on both the sides of the temple destroying everything in their path. You call that sour grapes? The floating population from May to October every year is more than per day. The tribals here perform a dance called "Pandav Nritya".

The first and foremost point is that, when Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology WIHGthat is based in the capital of Uttarakhand state of India, had the observatories at two places; near Chorabari lake above Kedarnath in Uttarakhand and Kopardhar Ghuttu, in Tehri, Uttarakhandrecording heavy rainfall starting from 10th Junewhy not WIHG informed about such occurrence uneven event in pre-monsoon period?

Landslidesdue to the floods, damaged several houses and structures, killing those who were trapped. Without Army we would not have comeback safely," he said. The National headquarters despatched a two member team to Uttarakhand on the 19th June for carrying out assessment of the needs of the community in coordination with the officials of the Uttarakhand state Red Cross branch and to follow it with the organisation of relief work.

They have submitted their interim report that the temple is stable and there was no major danger.

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They thank god for saving the temple but they are not angry with god for destroying everything else and killing thousands of believers. There are reports of loss of large number of human lives and damage to the property and livestock.

Uttarakhand floods 2013: What led to Kedarnath disaster

Karma is the force which binds all beings to the world. Kedarnath temple has a long history.

2013 North India floods

Around people have been evacuated to safer places by ITBP. They continue to do so birth after death, according to their karma and the laws of Nature until they cultivate discernment and become wiser.

They came on a pilgrimage to pay respects to their beloved God, Shiva, without knowing that it would be their final journey mahaprastanam and their lives would be consumed in the fury of Nature.

Or it could be termed as a cumulative phenomena of change in temperature and precipitation that was very much driven by various global phenomena of mixed natural and anthropogenic causes?

Roads constructed in haphazard style, new resorts and hotels built on fragile river and more than 70 hydroelectric projects in the watersheds of the state led to a "disaster waiting to happen" as termed by certain environmentalists.

The Central government's non seriousness about keeping its assurance for stopping the work on hydro electric projects on Alaknanda and Mandakini, the two main tributaries of the Ganga which meets at Rudraprayag resulted in this disaster, which is the epicenter of the devastation.The Kedarnath Temple (C) is pictured amid damaged surroundings by flood waters at Rudraprayag in the Himalayan state of Uttarakhand June 18, Early monsoon rains have swollen the Ganges, India's longest river, swept away houses, killed at least 60 people and left tens of thousands stranded, officials said on Tuesday.

Uttarakhand Flood Essay Help. Uttarakhand floods What led to Kedarnath disaster – DailyO According to the website of the Uttarakhand Jal Vidyut Nigam Limited, Uttarakhand flood essay format Essay on uttarakhand floods in, dissertation manuscript format nbsp.

Does this argument substantiate the level and intensity of the flood that hit the Kedarnath township during 16 and 17 June ! The fact of the matter is that, the Kedarnath township itself is located at a much higher plateau to the original course of Mandakini river, and such event was beyond expectations or control of human being.

Our team is working in Kedarnath area, and the updates are following, based on our communication with those came back from flood hit area of Kedarnath and around: In Kedarnath at Garur Chatti people are looking for help for rescue, food and shelter, as till yesterday they could not get food supplies.

Soon after the dreadful floods that claimed several lives, the Uttarakhand government approached the Nehru Institute of Mountaineering to help.

The flood disaster of is attributed to continuous heavy rainfall in the state from 15th June, to 17th June, Many regions in the state such as Kedarnath, Rudraprayag and Gaurikund etc. experienced up to % more than average rainfall.

Kedarnath flood 2013 essay help
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