Bullet writing action verbs

Recruited executives to establish first distribution sales office. The passive voice is also a way to avoid inserting the reporter into the story when the reporter is a witness to an event or a conversation.

Describes the accomplishment's positive effect or impact. Monitored staff and program effectiveness to ensure residents received quality service at limited costs and free of liability by collaborating with board of directors to establish and implement policies and long-term plans.

She passed the potatoes around the table. The format below is commonly used for two-line bullet statements although variations are acceptable. When you use passive verbs in this way, they also tend to highlight information that precedes or follows. Single Idea Bullets Definition: If another word can narrow the meaning, use it instead.

Quantify your accomplishments whenever possible. A concise written statement of a single idea or concept. Result What was the outcome of your action?

Agents scramble to open metal lockers and pass out fight bags. Opened channels of communication and encouraged team members to take active role in team development and accessing resources.

The Monster List of Power Verbs to Supercharge Headlines

The main culprits are forms of the verbs to be, to go, to do, to get, to have, to make. Trying to insert verve into a political luncheon, a public-relations event, a grand opening or ground-breaking; trying to spice up the profile of a person who is uncooperative or boring—these are the features in which writers must pry out those verbs that may salvage the story.

Accomplishment begins with strong, descriptive action verb Repaired, Rescued, Engineered -Modified Verb: You are the subject of your resume Your resume needs action verbs in active voice, because after all, who wants to hire a passive person or someone who just is, who just fills a seat?

To overcome this slowed momentum, it is useful, whenever possible, to wrap description around action verbs to keep the story moving. Active verbs show action and passive verbs show states of being. Agents crush half- smoked cigarettes into overflowing ashtrays.

How to Create a Resume Packed with Action Words

For example, you might create a version focused on retail or customer service positions, another version aimed at construction or manufacturing jobs, and a third version focused on positions within a security firm.

The bullet can consist of two or three or more sentence fragments and the accomplishment can exceed one line and run into the second line like this: Enlisted internal staff, including marketing, operations, and systems developers, to QA-test system without increasing staffing costs.

Verbs are a powerful tool when used to enhance an already dramatic scene. The double dash before the sub-bullet on the second line indicates that it supports the line above.

Strong Action Verbs

Start each point in the accomplishments section with a verb. Effective use of verbs depends not only on your mastery of the subtleties of the English language, but also on your perceptiveness in gathering the kinds of description that can be wrapped effectively around the verbs.

A bullet statement like "Revitalized unit PT program, volunteered, led morning exercise; increased annual pass rate" is perfectly acceptable.

Writers unaware of the power of verbs tend to use adverbs where none are needed. Simple black bullets, while possibly more on the boring side, fit the bill just fine.

This is the kind of prose often produced by beginning writers—a prose not yet sensitive to the power of verbs. These are called active verbs. Instead, the description becomes an unobtrusive part of the action. Nevertheless, the rule itself stands firm. Other active verbs are run, jump, hide. Never use big or awkward verbs when little ones will do.

Strong Action Verbs

Drew from project experience to co-author three-part series of articles, on marketing for consultants, which was published in online organizational-development magazine.

How could we make that sound as professional and relevant as possible? Constructed and presented sales forecasts and competitive analyses.I still remember my professor at Kentucky Wesleyan College.

He refused to allow us to use any form of the verbs "is" or "have" in our writing. Most resume bullet points start with the same words. Frankly, the same tired old words hiring managers have heard over and over—to the point where they’ve lost a lot of their meaning and don’t do much to show off your awesome accomplishments.

Use these verbs as "writing prompts" Choose a verb and use it to start a sentence as you brainstorm and write out your prep for the STAR interview format.

Bullet Writing Exercise Action Verb Bullets Replaced 17 antenna elements, singlehandedly saved the Air Force $K. Installed unused patch panel rack to MARS radio equipment, saved the Air Force hours of maintenance. Modified Verb Bullets Individually developed training plan to qualify 12 new 3-level trainees, reduced average time by 8 weeks.

Positive Adjectives for Awards and NCOERs

Easily identified 18 quality defects in 4 UHF. start each bullet point with either a verb or a noun – a verb is more action oriented and is usually preferred use the same tense for each verb – the most common is the present tense with the past tense being the next most common.

LIST OF ACTION VERBS Accelerated Accomplished Accounted for Achieved Acquired Activated Adapted Adjusted Administered Advised Aided Allocated Analyzed.

Bullet writing action verbs
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